The Voting Situation in Kentucky

Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY (photo from KY Expo Facebook page)
Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY (photo from KY Expo Facebook page)

Hi, out-of-state friends. Just sharing a news story to help explain our in-person voting situation today. It’s not voter suppression, and it’s not perfect, but it’s also not as bad as it sounds.

Yes, we have one voting place today for Louisville. This was a bipartisan decision made in an effort to reduce COVID exposure. We’ve had absentee voting for 2 weeks and early in-person voting for about a week I think. The arena has 18 stations, each with about 24 voting booths.

There are 600,000 voters here, but already 50% (300,000) have mailed in. We had 40% (240,000) turnout (give or take) last time, and we’re predicted to have about 60-65% total when today is over. At most, the prediction is 90,000 voters at the Expo Center (that’s if the entire 15% estimate vote in-person today). Keep in mind, absentee ballots can still be mailed in, as long as the postmark is no later than today, so that can further lower the number that need to vote in-person.

To give you an idea how big the Expo Center is, this is where the KY State Fair is usually held. It has 19,000 parking spaces.

I also want to mention that, on top of our TARC bus system having route straight to the polls today, Charles Booker has been working to get buses organized to help get voters to the polls.

UPDATE: I’ve had Facebook friends who’ve voted there this morning, and it was super quick, everyone wearing masks, and social distancing happening.

For more info, you can read the new story below:

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