Quick Update

Things I haven’t drank since July 1: Cow’s MilkCoffee beveragesAlcohol Things I haven’t eaten since July 20: Fast foodCarbonated beveragesRefined sugars / sweetenersArtificial colors / flavorsProcessed foods Things I haven’t experienced since July 1: HeadachesUpset stomachTrouble sleepingSelf-loathing Things I have experienced since July 1: MeditationMore energyLess stress and anxietyEasier time falling asleepWeight lossIMPROVED VISION

Always in the Stars

Right this daytime minute, the stars above are below as well. Under your feet! On the other side of the Earth! Whatever you’re doing right now, you’re doing it in the midst of stars. Wherever you are on the pale blue dot — in Australia, in Alaska, in Guatemala — stars surround and cradle you.Peer…… Continue reading Always in the Stars