Welcome to my web site! I am so happy and blessed to have you visiting.

This site was began, at first, out of necessity. There was a wonderful online class I had taken over many years. Without warning, it disappeared. In its absence, I decided to start organizing my information and books into something that could more easily be searched. Pretty soon, I had other friends and acquaintances who were also interested. This is the result. I consider this an open community that can discuss all spiritual paths and welcome anyone who wishes to surround themselves with light and love.

Féileacán is from Old Irish and means “butterfly.” I chose this name out of feeling that my personal spiritual path is always evolving and changing. While I do not consider myself a butterfly, I strive each day to reach that level of awareness. Many I have run into along the way have felt similarly.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Should you like to contribute, please register!

Thank you for visiting, and Blessed Be! )O(


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